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Shattered Graves - Original Novel Score
artist(s):Douglas Harvey
Release date:April 19th, 2011
Length:1:12:13 (estimated)
Record label:Harvey Studios Music

Shattered Graves - Original Novel Score is a 2011 orchestral/cinematic soundtrack composed by Douglas Harvey. The score accompanies Harvey's mystery-crime-thriller novel Shattered Graves and is set to be released on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011. The score consists of 30 synthetically-produced orchestral/electronic hybrid tracks that set the mood for the novel's plot. The first 7 tracks are character suites that detail their respective character's personalities. These themes meld together as the score goes on, creating a symphony of over-arching themes much like the novel itself does. The score rapidly changes moods, from the soft and serene to the gritty and intense to the action-packed and vibrant.

Track listingEdit

Track listing
No. Title Length
1. "Carmine Graves (Character Suite)"   2:18
2. "Detective Sterling (Character Suite)"   1:30
3. "The Crimson Hessian (Character Suite)"   1:02
4. "Arnie McStevans (Character Suite)"   2:07
5. "Daphne Roth (Character Suite)"   1:15
6. "Councilman Ivan Roth (Character Suite)"   2:01
7. "Butler (Character Suite)"   1:07
8. "Shattered Graves Main Theme"   2:23
9. "No Help"   1:55
10. "Daphne Hacks the Database"   1:14
11. "Club Tilt"   1:09
12. "Nosebleed"   2:17
13. "Sterling Silver"   3:10
14. "Home Again"   3:23
15. "Storm Raid"   2:32
16. "Frantic Freeway"   1:26
17. "Malicious Martyrdom"   1:44
18. "The Political Gala"   2:19
19. "Finding the Roth Bible"   2:19
20. "The Councilman's Council"   4:33
21. "An Outcast"   2:36
22. "Escaping the Alley/Parking Complex"   2:40
23. "The Vault"   1:19
24. "Unexpected Guests/Arnie Goes Berserk"   3:52
25. "Pursuit and Evasion"   4:22
26. "Carmine vs. Arnie"   3:35
27. "Helicopter Massacre"   3:49
28. "The Hessian's Void"   2:15
29. "Revelations/Shattered Graves"   4:19
30. "Shattered Graves Mega Suite"   7:42

Production InformationEdit


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