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Run Little Girl
Directed byDouglas Harvey
Written byDouglas Harvey
StarringSamantha Harvey
Lindsay Cupelo
Douglas Harvey
HSRBR-17 for violence, thematic material, frightening scenes and some disturbing images

Aspect Ratio2.35:1
Cinematography byDouglas Harvey
Edited byDouglas Harvey
StudioHarvey Studios
Distributed byHarvey Studios
Release DateSpring 2014
CountryUnited States
External Links:Official Website

Run Little Girl is a 2014 mystery-thriller-suspense short film written and directed by Douglas Harvey. It stars Samantha Harvey in the titular role as the Little Girl, a young woman who witnesses a drug deal and is subsequently terrorized by a sadistic drug lord who tasks her with hunting down his enemies to spare her life.

Run Little Girl is partially a heavily-modernized "Little Red Riding Hood" retelling and will feature references, stylistic flavor, and story elements similar to the classic fairy tale. The film is in pre-production and is slated to begin shooting in March 2014 for a spring (April or May) 2014 release. It will be the longest and most ambitious Harvey Studios film production to date.



  • Samantha Harvey as the Little Girl, a young woman who bears witness to a drug deal and is tasked with hunting down a drug lord's enemies in order to spare her own life.
  • Douglas Harvey as The Wolf, a mysterious drug lord who terrorizes the Little Girl and tasks her with hunting down a pair of thieves who have been pocketing his product for months.
  • Lindsay Cupelo as Wick, one of the thieves responsible for raiding The Wolf's drug-drops and taking the product for herself and her partner, Filch. She becomes the Little Girl's primary target, but has a few tricks up her sleeve to evade the drug lord's assassins.





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