The HV

The HarveyVerse is the collective creative universe of every project created by Douglas Harvey and released through his multi-media production company, Harvey Studios.

The Verse is a separate fictional reality in which many unique worlds exist. These worlds, while they may not directly interact or influence one another, exist within the same overall entity that is the HarveyVerse.

Knowledge of the HarveyVerse and how it works, including its multiple worlds and the temporal and physical attributes therein, can lead to extreme spoilers for those who have not been exposed to most of the media projects that fall within it.

Thus, please use this page as a guide to the HarveyVerse and beware of the potentiality of spoilers. If you have consumed enough of the projects available and wish to learn how they are connected, then this page will lead you to the answers you seek.

Heed these cautions. Absolute knowledge may deflate the impact of existing or future projects. It is the intention of the HarveyVerse to be fluid and indefinite, so complete understanding will be impossible; but should you come across information for a project that would otherwise ruin that project's affect on you, enter with care.

          • Warning: Spoilers Begin Here

Earth as we know it, in which Douglas Harvey and Harvey Studios resides, is known as Earth Prime in reference to the HarveyVerse. Within Earth Prime, despite all logic, also reside MargeRita Ginvodkuh and Morty & Maude Bergavitchmanbergenstein. They are outsiders looking upon the projects utilizing the shared universe and interacting with those who have created them, and are thus not a physical part of the Verse.

The HarveyVerse itself is contained within an infinite and hollow container called the Forgeworld. This is essentially the 'playground' in which the Verse's creator can concoct the worlds and inhabitants of the Verse.

A separate-but-coexisting realm of the Forgeworld is the Graveworld in which the failed or destroyed worlds and inhabitants of the Verse inhabit. It is a solitary realm with no connection to the Verse as a whole.

Within the Forgeworld, the following KNOWN WORLDS are as follows:

Earth HV - a direct reflection of Earth Prime which is intended to be its exact physical copy. The difference between Earth HV and Earth Prime is that in the reality of Earth HV, Douglas Harvey and Harvey Studios nor associated elements exist. This is the primary and most populated world of the HarveyVerse.
Earth Tean - a reflection of Earth Prime in which the Creator has crafted a malevolent being called Tean that has an influence on some, if not all, of the inhabitants in its various forms.

Earth Amethyst - a reflection of Earth Prime in which the story of Viola Indigo plays out.

Earth TCH - an alternate reality in which the Earth Prime history of IBM's presence in Endicott is satirized into a series of events know as the Endicott Epidemic.

Earth Dark - a reflection of Earth Prime in which dark, supernatural dealings are possible and quite frequent.